Employee Benefits

CumulusES with its more than 20 years of employee benefits experience provides clients with the most comprehensively designed and delivered employee benefit plans. We ensure that all plans meet the needs of your firm’s culture as well as the objectives of your company’s bottom line.


CumulusES takes a unique and aggressive approach toward benefit renewals. We start the renewal process with our clients a full 6 months in advance. While carrier renewal rates are not available that early, our clients already know what plan features they would change in their existing plans. Starting this process early enables CumulusES and the client to create custom employee benefit surveys that provide insight and guidance in crafting plan designs for the new benefit year.


By combining the thought leadership of a pioneer in the employee benefits field with a world class HR technology, CumulusES strikes an important balance of cloud based open enrollment with high touch human support and carrier communications truly a winning combination.



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