As we all know, Payroll is one of the most important of all functions in every organization but it should not be complex, yet many firms struggle with this process. Organizations also use payroll as the accrual function that is the catalyst for tracking such items as employee benefit contributions/deductions, tracking garnishments, paid time off accruals, loan repayment, pension contributions, and much more.


The CumulusES web-based payroll technology eliminates these complexities while increasing efficiency by streamlining mundane and repetitive tasks and generates useful, exportable, comprehensive reports. The CumulusES payroll app provides powerful integration into your company’s GL, removes redundant tasks, and with a powerful audit trail feature, enables you to look at what was changed, by whom, and when. These features allow your company to easily identify errors and correct them in real time, in advance of payroll processing. CumulusES provides clients with a dedicated service professional who will get to know you, your company, and your process. CumulusES also provides our clients with an average of 3 hours additional processing time, which reduces the stress of hitting fed windows.


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